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To Do: Prep for May Jobs Report

Follow the coverage of the [latest jobs report]( Look back at the New York Times and Wall Street Journal coverage of jobs reports this winter. Take a look at the BLS data that we released last Friday and the figures that are being reported in the news and connect the dots. Come to class on April 11 with questions. Use the comments here to discuss questions.

Some reporting on the December jobs report, released [January 10, 2014]( [Wall Street Journal coverage]( /[graphics](, [NYTimes coverage](

Homework Week 8 (Due March 28)

Everyone should clean up their Bootstrap demo page and be working on Story 1 Rough Drafts.

I’ll be in the newsroom from 2-7 on Wednesday to help you over any last hurdles, but you should also feel free to email me if anything comes up. Just be sure to keep the principles of “Good Questions” in mind:

Your rough draft should be complete, reporting-wise. If you want the layout to work a bit differently or would like to fine tune the visual feel of your maps or charts, that’s something we can work on in class. Your rough draft should be on an HTML page and uploaded to Digital Storage.

Send me the URL for your Rough Draft by 8 AM on Friday March 28.

Homework Week 2 (Due Feb 14)

Pitches for your first story are due next week, and you have two spreadsheet exercises to power through. And everyone needs to sign up for a Festival of Data slot.

Answer a handful of specific questions using data that Slate published alongside How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown? and I download the CDC’s data on firearm deaths and find something to say about those numbers. Continue reading Homework Week 2 (Due Feb 14)

Homework (Due Feb 7-14)

Homework Week 1 (Due Feb 7)

Since we got a late start and you don’t have a full week, I spread out the homework some.

Send to me by 5 PM on Thursday:

URLs for three data sets that interest you. Use the subject “Homework
Week 1” and I’ll definitely see it.

By 9:30 AM Friday

Install Tabula If you get an error like “Tableau is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash,” the solution to is not at all intuitive: You have to Change your Privacy and Security settings to allow applications downloaded from “Anywhere” — it’s on the “general” tab.

Read Cairo: The Functional Art, Reading part 1: pages 25-31, 36-44, on thinking through a visualization as a tool for the reader; what graphical form best serves the goal? On e-reserve (access details on the syllabus)

Skim and

Due 5 PM Monday:

Write a short blog post that describes the provenance of each of your three data sets data (who maintains it?), where the data can be found (include a link) and in less than 200 words each, explain why the data is interesting.

Due Feb 14:

Register for a Magellan account on CartoDB (use to get the discount)

Make sure Firefox is installed on your computer with the Web Developer Toolbar extension.

Begin a scrapbook on WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest or some other
aggregation service. Send me the URL.