Festival of Data – Matt

Bob Beamon’s Long Olympic Shadow. New York Times.


I selected an animated infographic about the history of Olympic long jump. The graphic in the video is essentially a bar chart with a timeline as the x-axis. The animation  swoops through the chart emphasizing a few different views and points of comparison for the results over the years. The video format allows for a quick drill down about some of the athletes.

Compare the data as portrayed in the video to the interactive graphic and photos below. The interactive is limited by having to show all of the jumps in a small space within the browser window. Because the 3D camera in the video zooms in an out, that graphic is able to show details like which country each athlete is from. However, the video is really edited to tell just a few narratives. Its not practical for a user to use the video to find out what year an Italian athlete won a medal.

On the interactive graphic itself, I appreciate the basketball court overlay as a reference, but some grid lines would have been useful to help in making accurate comparisons between the different athletes.