Festival of Data – Reyna

Create your own personal dialect map! http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/12/20/sunday-review/dialect-quiz-map.html The Times had this interactive graphic that allows you to answer a total of 25 questions to see how the way you speak is related to where you are from.

The first page you are brought to is the first question of the quiz, and when you see there are 25 total questions that can seem daunting…but after each question you answer, a small heat map appears that shows how your last answer compares nationally. Instant gratification is good! It’s also interesting to see what the possible answers are for each question, like what other expressions people might have to refer to rainfall while the sun is still shining—the wolf is giving birth?

At the conclusion of the quiz you get your own dialect map, here’s my result http://nyti.ms/1qmY4ho. It’s interesting b/c, yes, I’m from a suburb of Los Angeles. I also like that you can view the 3 cities that your dialect is least similar to.

For me the best part of this interactive graphic is simply the novelty of it—one of the most personalized interactive maps I’ve come across. But I don’t know how revealing/insightful the information is. It would probably have more of an effect on someone who realizes that the way they speak is completely different than the majority of people from where they are from.