Homework Week 10 (Due Apr 11)

Fun fact: last semester we were only just getting to HighCharts this week! You have a lot of little things to do this week. The story update and CSVkit review are the most important.

Story Update

I’d like an update on your second story. If nothing has changed since you filed your storyboards let me know that’s the case. Otherwise, let me know how it is going. Keep in mind that the bar is higher for story 2.

Jobs Drill

Follow the coverage of the latest jobs report. Look back at the New York Times and Wall Street Journal coverage of jobs reports this winter. Take a look at the BLS data that we released last Friday and the figures that are being reported in the news and connect the dots. Come to class on April 11 with questions, technical and practical. Or post them at:


We’re going to do our own project on these numbers when they come out again in May, so get ready by asking lots of good questions now.

Water Drill

Our water drill is still taking shape, but be thinking about projects that might make good use of water footprint data to expand on stories like http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-26124989 and http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/01/140123-colorado-river-water-alfalfa-hay-farming-export-asia/. Check out http://atlas.media.mit.edu/profile/country/usa/, and dedcide what you think of Mother Jones’ take

Review CSVkit

Everyone got a boro assignment, whittle down your data and send me the file size (get it with du -h ./MN.csv). I posted a blog post that walks through the steps we took in class.

Show Your Work

These are all skimmable.


Bots and Things

Read this https://source.opennews.org/en-US/articles/how-break-news-while-you-sleep/ and some of the other Source posts on bots and we can have a fun conversation about them.

Also, the Twitter team has a writeup up that I hadn’t seen yet, on how they made their State of the Union viz: https://source.opennews.org/en-US/articles/sotu-twitter/. Worth reading.

More Very Very Optional Readings: