Homework Week 8 (Due March 28)

Everyone should clean up their Bootstrap demo page and be working on Story 1 Rough Drafts.

I’ll be in the newsroom from 2-7 on Wednesday to help you over any last hurdles, but you should also feel free to email me if anything comes up. Just be sure to keep the principles of “Good Questions” in mind: http://hickman.spring-2014.dataviz.journalism.cuny.edu/2014/02/07/asking-good-questions/

Your rough draft should be complete, reporting-wise. If you want the layout to work a bit differently or would like to fine tune the visual feel of your maps or charts, that’s something we can work on in class. Your rough draft should be on an HTML page and uploaded to Digital Storage.

Send me the URL for your Rough Draft by 8 AM on Friday March 28.