Homework Week 7 (Due March 20)

I want everyone to create one page in a basic bootstrap template, but I only need to see one storyboard from each team. Upload your work to Digital Storage and email me the URL for your storyboard (or your alternate HTM page — see below) by Thursday evening, March 20.

Upcoming Deadlines

Some reminders from the syllabus:

  • Mar 21 Storyboard 2
  • Mar 28 Rough Draft 1
  • Apr 04 Final Story 1
  • Apr 25 Rough Draft 2
  • May 02 Final Story 2
  • May 09 Revisions Story 1
  • May 16 Revisions Story 2

Storyboard 2

You’re going to put your storyboard in a Bootstrap template, upload it to digital storage and email me the URL.

With your partner, take another pass at your second pitch: refine your “main elements” into clear statements about what a reader should take away from this story. Start making phone calls and organizing the questions you still have to answer to write the story.

I want you to play with putting something in a set of tabs: names of possible sources, main elements, paragraphs. It doesn’t have to make perfect sense, I just want you to experiment.

Links and Images

We didn’t talk about adding images to an HTML page, or about adding links. If either is too complicated, let me know. Or add a note to your HTML page with the URL of a blog post where you did manage to get the images up.

The basic HTML syntax is this:

  • <img src="/path/to/image" alt="description in words" />
  • <a href="http://example.com/url/for/link">Visible Text</a>

If that’s already overwhelming, don’t panic. We’ll spend more time on this in class if we need to.


I wrote up a walk through of SimpleHTTPServer on the class blog and posted my bootstrap templates online. And I’ll add some more basic HTML tips shortly.


If your partner took the lead on laying out the HTML for your storyboard, I want you to make a bootstrap-based page of your own. You can do any of the following:

  • Layout a super rough draft of Story 1
  • Take a story you’re working on for another class and put it into a Bootstrap template
  • Write a few paragraphs about what you’re hoping we’ll get to focus on before the semester is out (and why) and put those in a bootstrap template.