Pitch: Literacy among New York City adults

From Jillian Eugenios (partner Maddy Hartman)

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Millions in funding,  but adult literacy in NYC still lags

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Adult literacy

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1.8 million adults in New York City lack English proficiency, and only a small percent have access to publicly-funded classes. According to the city budget, $24 million will be allocated every year over the next three years to fund these classes.
With only 4 percent of those in need actually accessing the classes, which neighborhoods are underserved, and why?

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  • Though there was a peak in 2010, annual allocations to adult literacy programs since then have been reduced by over $6.5 million. That represents a loss of close to 7,000 classroom seats.
  • New York State recently replaced the GED with the new TASC, which aligns more with Common Core. That switch means that adult students now need to adapt to the new test, but without increased support they will fall even more behind.

Links to data


New York City Coalition for Adult Literacy


LaGuardia Community College – Center for Immigrant Education and Training


Turning Point, a community-based organization located in Sunset Park and Red Hook that serves all of Brooklyn


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