Pitch: LGBT Visibility on TV

Partnering with Jillian Eugenios

Headline: LGBT On TV – Who’s leading the way


Key elements: 2013 was a good year for LGBT visibility on TV, with a considerable increase in the quantity of characters. Leading the networks was Fox, with 42% of their primetime programming including some form of LGBT storylines. Conversely, CBS featured only 14%. As we settle into 2014, how are the networks fairing? Are the midseason debuts measuring up or dropping the ball? A well known issue with LGBT characters on TV is their rapid rate of death, we could dig into those numbers and see how long their arcs last. Are they actually dying at an alarmingly higher rate?

News Hook: In the coming months, some of the most praised LGBT inclusive shows such as Orphan Black and Orange Is The New Black premiere their sophomore seasons. Will they keep up their much-praised representation in the new year?

 Link to data: http://www.glaad.org/files/2013NRI.pdf