Homework Week 6 (Due Mar 13)

For next week, you’re going to make another CartoDB map and submit either one well formed pitch or two smart pre-pitches.

Make another map
Head over to NYC Open Data‘s 311 call records. Before you download it, whittle it down a bit. Use the filter options and only select:

  • Created Date is after Feb 1, 2014
  • Agency is DSNY
  • Complaint Type contains snow

Export those as a CSV and take them over to NYC OpenData to map them. If you’d rather map something else — a specific week’s snow complaints or a different sort of call, that’s great. Just make sure that your map title is clear!

To share a visualization, look for the “Visualize” link in the top right hand corner of CartoDB. Once you’ve created a visualization, the link will change to “Share” and clicking it will give you the share settings. The URL is at the bottom. Add your map URL as a comment on this post by 8 PM on March 13.

PS. Good map readings at http://hickman.spring-2014.dataviz.journalism.cuny.edu/2014/03/07/mapping/

Keep Moving on Story 1
Some of you have already figured out that your data doesn’t add up or your story is way off the rails — don’t wait until the next deadline to update me on your progress. You should be figuring out what your story is and revising your pitch & storyboard, setting a new direction.

Pitch Story 2
You should start moving on your second story. You can either give me two good pre-pitches, that should reflect data you know you can get! or one well formed pitch for a story you know you want to prepare. Post these to the blog in the “Pitch” category.

Don’t hesitate to reach out between classes. If you have five good ideas and want help choosing, or have one great idea but want to know what data might be available, ask!