Festival of Data – Smiley


This is an interactive visualization on The Guardian where the Twitter Data team and Datablog editor Simon Rogers show¬†the response Obama’s SOTU speech by US geography and subject. For the subject graph, they have a timeline starting at 9:15 and ending at 10:20 pm. documenting the use of the 9 most popular hashtags used in one minute intervals. They also have the entire speech transcribed, and when you scroll down it will highlight a segment of the speech and show the what hashtags were being used during that time in the map above.

It also breaks down the speech by geography. So, when you’re hovered over a certain part of the speech, a map on the right side will show you how engaged each state was with each hashtag at that particular moment.

I think this is interesting because it maps out social media data in a way that shows what Americans (who use Twitter) found most important about the SOTU and in what states. I think the biggest thing missing in this interactive is the fact that there are no hard numbers.