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+ a proposed title or headline: Starbucks and Sky-High Retail Rates

+ a story slug — up to three words that capture the essence of your story: Starbucks; Neighborhood; Rent

+ a list of the story’s key elements:
  •  Does the opening of a Starbucks mean that all of the local retailers in your neighborhood will close and apartment rents will skyrocket?
  • How does Starbucks choose it’s new locations in New York City?
  • What do the de Blasio administration and the New York Economic Development Corporation have planned to support small businesses in the outer boroughs?

+ a news hook, or explanation of why this story matters now:

        With Bill de Blasio taking office, there is increasing attention on changes to the outer borough neighborhoods and what types of demographics those changes are being catered to. Starbucks is planning to open 3,000 new stores in North America by 2017 (we will find information about what new locations are currently slated in New York City).
+ a description of and link to the data (which means you have to find your data!):
Cleaned up Starbucks data:
Retail Rent Data:
+ one source you have already spoken with or at least three potential expert sources and your plans for reaching them:
  • NYU Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy.
    Shannon Moriarty
    Communications Director
    Phone: 212-998-6492
  • Real Estate Board of New York.
    Jamie McShane,
    SVP Communications
  • Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate Research at ColumbiaMedia InquiriesKeshia Mark
    Evan Nowell
  • Baruch Real Estate
    George Donohue
  • Todd Trewhella. Director of Development at Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Someone at RKF. A large New York retail real estate broker
  • Farron Roboff, Senior Vice President at Royal Properties. Has leased to Starbucks locations.
    press contact is Jeff Kintzer