Harris/Reyna ARRA Fund Piece

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We envision the layout for our piece to look something like this. One the top left is a chart that shows how much money each NYC Department/agency received in stimulus funding, and how much they have spent. The pink (or whatever color) shows how much of the stimulus funding that department has spent, the black shows how much in stimulus they received in total.

On the bottom left, we have a pie chart that shows a breakdown of the 2014 NYC budget, so that you can compare how well each agency is doing in terms of using their funding vs. how much they’re about to receive from the budget.

On the right side, we want to create two infographics, one that lists the top 5 worst agencies in terms of using their stimulus funding, and one that shows the top 5 best. We would outline which program their funding was meant for and what that program would do.

Our piece would also include a text component as well. This is obviously a very preliminary, rough sketch but we thinks it’s a good start to organizing what the best way is to present our data.

Update on our story:

We have contacted Doug Turetsky and someone over at DYCD who were both confused because our data shows that DYCD hasn’t spent any of its stimulus funding, however both of them told us that DYCD has spent all of that funding. Doug is checking with one of his analysts and getting back to us to figure out what the discrepancy is, as well as the DYCD employee.

We’ve called the other agencies as well and couldn’t get in touch with anyone so we’ll be pursuing that as well as talking to James Parrot.