Gomez/Eugenios, Permit Fees pitch

Byline: Camilo Gomez and Jillian Eugenios

Hede: New construction job? Permit fees may not be worth it

Slug: Permit Fees
Key elements:
Permit fees per job
Median annual wage per job
All 25 jobs listed with DOB
Information on where permit fees go
News hook: 
Construction jobs are on the rise, in an industry that has continued to show healthy growth post-recession. However, many of those jobs require permits that must be renewed every one to three years, bringing into question whether or not  some pay too much based on how much they earn.
Description of data and link:
Department of Buildings information on NYC Open Source Data

Alex Castaldi, 718-392-5077, NY Concrete Workers
Local contact of the New York State Laborers’ Union (represents over 40,000 members employed in the construction industry and other fields throughout the state)

Bryan LaVigne, Director of Administration & Development, Fiscal Policy Institute
518.786.3156 Office, 518.527.0353 Cell, lavigne@fiscalpolicy.org

Anthony J. Barkume, Compensation research at Bureau of Labor Statistics, 202-691-7527, barkume.anthony@bls.gov