Three Department of Buildings data sets: Camilo Gomez

The following three data sets come from NYC Open Data (

The first one is about Department of Buildings license fees:

In it, we can see a table with a list of 25 construction jobs. For each, we find the cost of obtaining a license, the duration of the license and the cost of renewing it. All licenses expire after either three years or one year except for that of a journeyman plumber or journeyman fire suppression piping installer, whose  license ever expires.

With this information it is possible to calculate how much each worker has to pay for license fees over a twelve-year period from the moment that he pays his original fee. Then, it would be possible to create a line graph, each line representing a profession, with dollar amounts in the y-axis and the number of years in the x-axis. This would show how the cost of fees compare in each profession.

The second one is about Department of Buildings complaints received:

It shows the date of each complaint, the type of complaint (the key for each complaint category can be found here: and the street and house number of the complaint. With this information, a map could be created to show which community districts in New York’s five boroughs have had the most complaints, what types of complaints have been the most common during a particular time period (the table’s oldest complaint is from 1989 and the latest from 2013) and compare how the number and type of complaints have varied through time.

The third data set is about Department of Building permits:

These are building permits that were issued in 06/07/2013 but it includes buildings that were begun as early as the 1990s. One could concentrate only on the new constructions (those that were started after the issuance of this permit) plot the sites in a map, and see how many of those correspond with the map of complaints from the previous data set.