Spreadsheet Walkthrough

Spreadsheet Skills

This is not quite what we did in class, but close.

Google tracks searches for flu-related terms. Start at http://www.google.org/flutrends/ — it is worth reading up on how they produce this data so you have a sense of the limitations of it, but we’re just going to play with it.

Using formulas

Pay attention to the screen. Look at what happens when you hover, etc.

Review of Spreadsheeting skills with Flu data
-sorting to find max and min
-data types (text, number, location, date, etc.)
-what is a formula and a function, what’s the difference? choosing cells

-use a function to find the mean, median and range: look at how mean and median differ.

-using functions, Max, Min, Average, Median, Unique, Countif, Match, If

Walk Through

  1. Download the world historical flu trends http://www.google.org/flutrends/data.txt
  2. What is this data? (comma separated)
  3. Paste into spreadsheet? Use Data > Text to Columns to separate data into columns according to a delimiter
  4. In which week did which country had the most flu searches?
    =Match(criterion, range, 0)
    =Indirect(“A”&cell) to get date or re-order columns
  5. How much more did that country search for flu in that week than average?
  6. Order the countries by most flu searches (SUM…choose arbitrary 2012-13 to capture searches from all countries, Transpose countries-values to make a quick bar chart)